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Courses, tutorials, coaching
Courses, tutorials, coaching

Here you can buy courses/coaching sessions that are either live courses, held on specific times and dates told in the description of the course, or virtual/digital courses delivered by e-mail or other virtual way.
Read the terms of delivery and/or the times and dates and other specific instructions and terms of participation of the courses/coaching sessions/events before purchasing so that you are aware of what you buy and know if you can participate or if the way of delivery suites you so you wouldn't be disappointed :)

This Tanyasum web store of mine does not allow me to add any automated e-mails in addition to the automated confirmation e-mail of your order, which I cannot edit for specific orders.

So if you ordered any material that will be delivered to you via e-mail or in other virtual way, you will not necessarily receive that material immediately after your order has went though. This is because I will first have to notice and process your order so I can add your e-mail address to the delivery system in order for you to receive your material. So it might take some hours, or possible sometimes even up to a day for me to do that as I am not at the computer 24/7, but not longer than that. Hope you understand :)

So for that reason I am building another site from where to sell this kind of material from, that would allow automated delivery system, but while that is still under construction we use this Tanyasum web store of mine.

Please also note, that all the material will be sent to the e-mail you give in the order information, and note that the sender at least in the things related to wellness will most likely be Tanja/ info@hyvinvoinninkatalogi.com (the Finnish e-mail address of my wellness related things) of Tanja/ info@catalogforwellness.com so make sure these e-mails will not go straight to your trash bin :)
If you have any questions about your order after you have made your order you can just reply straight to the confirmation e-mail you received automatically and that e-mail will came to me.


For more information of my wellness related things pleace check my Facebook page for Catalog for wellness from here and/of join my free Facebook of Wellness challenges here.

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