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Paper dolls
Paper dolls

New product -Tanyasum paper dolls! And not just any kind of dolls, but the kind you can make clothes for from fabrics!

Can be ordered as ready products or as printable version.

The ready package has been printed to A4 sized recycled paper, dolls to 300g strong paper and the clothes to a little bit lighter 200g paper. With the dolls you will receive 30 small pieces of different kind of fabrics.

The paper doll package will be delivered packed to plastic pockets that you can also use to store the ready paper dolls.


If you have a lot of fabrics leftover pieces of fabric at home already, it is also possible to buy the paper dolls from Tanyasum web store so that you can print the dolls at home yourself and use your own fabrics to decorate the paper clothes with.

There is plenty to do for a long time with Tanyasum paper dolls even for bigger children.


First you can color and cut the dolls. (scissors and pens are not included to the package)
You can even make the underwear to the dolls from fabrics, but here they have been just colored.

Once the dolls have been colored and cut it is time to make the clothes.
You can either just color them or cover the paper clothes with fabrics. You can also make patterns from the paper clothes and use them to help to cut the fabrics or make more of the same kind of paper clothes by drawing along the lines to another paper.

Then just glue the fabric on the paper clothes (glue, scissors and pens are not included to the packages) and play!


And, there is also a competition that has to do with the paper doll clothes!
Most of the clothes for the dolls have been inspired by Tanyasum clothes.
So figure our which ones and participate to 50€ gift card draw!

Note, that you need to look for the basic model of the clothes. There are some clothes in  the web store that have been made with same pattern but fro different fabrics. So you don’t need to find all of them, one match for each model is enough.
For example, if one of the clothes would be a hoodie, your answer could be “the hoodie is Tanyasum childrens hoodie” or “the hoodie of the boys clothes is Tanyasum fox velour hoodie” (there is 3 other hoodies from different fabrics in the web store as well).
Also some of the clothes can be same for the boy and the girl doll.

So answer separately which are the pairs for the women, men, boy and girl paper doll clothes.

As A hint I can tell you, that from the 7 clothes that the woman doll has 6 of them has been inspired by Tanyasum clothes. (shoes don’t count as clothes)

From the 10 clothes that the girl doll has 9 of them has been inspired by Tanyasum clothes. (shoes don’t count as clothes)

The boy and girl has 3 same clothes.

From the 4 clothes that the boy doll has 3 of them has been inspired by Tanyasum clothes. (shoes don’t count as clothes). And yes, as in real life it often is, also here the boy and man has lot less clothes as the woman and girl ;)

From the 4 clothes that the man doll has 2 of them has been inspired by Tanyasum clothes. (shoes don’t count as clothes).

Send your answer to tanyasum @  tanyasum .com latest 30.04:
All correct answers to all of the clothes participate to the draw of 50€ gift card to Tanyasum web store.

To make this a bit easier, everybody that got at least 90% of their answers correct will participate to the draw :)

The winner will be contacted personally in the beginning of May.

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